Practice with a native speaker on Skype!

Consistency is the key to help you focus and get your mind thinking in Spanish.

We are carefully selecting a number of individuals from different countries that would love to speak their native Spanish with you. They will know your level and will practice in context with your current course.

Engage in a conversation session for as low as CAD $7.99

How it works

  1. Create an account on this site.
  2. Become a member.*
  3. Choose your facilitator.
  4. Book as many sessions as you like. (First 30-minute session is complementary)**

*Membership fee is $5 per month. You may cancel it at any time by submitting the cancelation form under the Members Area. (See what you get with your membership).

**After your 30-minute complementary session is done, you may book as many sessions as you like.

Fees are as follows:

  • 15-minute session $7.99
  • 30-minute session $13.99
  • 45-minute session $19.99